I served our country for more than 15 years as a Policeman to help the people.
But after all these years, I decided to put an end to this career for the simple and good reason that my values ​​were no longer in line with the objectives that my management summoned me to fulfill daily.
The race for numbers and profit has no place in an institution that is supposed to help and protect us.

All this free time that was offered to me, I spent it with my dog ​​GUN.
Born in 2011, I was able to devote entire hours and days to understanding it and learning about its functioning and its way of thinking and acting.

At that moment, I very quickly realized that she was extraordinary.

One evening, I decide to heat a frying pan to eat. Returning then to my office, I completely forget the utensil on the fire. Gun started barking, but in a very precise way. Like she was trying to talk to me, let me know that something bad was happening.
That night, she saved my life.


Following this experience and many others where I found myself in total symbiosis with my dog, I realized that communication between dogs and humans existed and that everything could be done with mutual respect. This observation, I would never have been able to realize it without living daily alongside my dog ​​Gun. Even if it may seem obvious to you today, know that 10 years ago, the communication and education of dogs was mostly archaic.
The Shepherd Malinois moreover was very misunderstood. Many were advocating some violence towards this breed when they were completely wrong. And yet the keys to a respectful relationship and upbringing were there, before our eyes, but it's as if everyone were blind.

Our dogs teach us everything and we don't listen to them.

On the internet and YouTube in particular, no one advocated an appropriate, individual and respectful education of the dog. The disregard of the extreme intelligence and sensitivity of our best friends is one of the main reasons for my motivation to share Gun videos in order to demonstrate what many did not suspect.

Many then contacted me to receive advice on how to reproduce this chemistry that existed between my dog ​​and me. I decided to help the owners who were no longer coping.
The results were there and I owed it all to my dog ​​GUN who taught me everything about dog reading. It is to pay homage to him that I have decided to name this new way of educating by his name.
There you go, now you know the story of The Gun Method!