Interview dans les médias et placement de produits, pourquoi nous avons toujours refusé ?


Since The Gun Method has existed, we have received several proposals from production companies working for TV who wanted us to intervene in various shows. Several brands of accessories or dog food have also contacted us to offer us partnerships. We have always refused and we will explain why throughout this article.

Understanding the origin of our Gun Dog TV YouTube channel

To fully understand the subject, let's quickly go back to the beginnings of our YouTube channel. The origin of the creation of this channel dates back to 2012. At the time I published videos on the relationship I had with my dog ​​GUN. I had started by valuing its exploits in order to show that an animal was also endowed with intelligence. It was therefore her and only her who was put forward, Internet users only became familiar with the sound of my voice.

Just read our channel id "Gun7777777777777777777" to see that it was started just for fun and show the prowess of my bitch that I was and still am extremely proud of.

We did not think for a moment that this channel would reach 1000 subscribers one day and we did not pay attention to it... But the day when this figure appeared on our screen, we felt naturally supported by the public, very loving, they became attached to my dog, and we were very touched by the messages of support, encouragement, kindness, especially the messages of compliment that Internet users had for GUN...

All these benevolent messages have encouraged us not only to continue, but above all to remain faithful to our values ​​and our ethics!

For the record, our Facebook page was created 1 year after the youtube channel (see screenshot of the first photo of the page in 2013) when it was a medium where we quickly had several million views. We could very well have published it before, but we absolutely did not think about it. Today it has more than 44,000 subscribers!

In my conscience, I always had in mind that we could never betray those who have supported us from the beginning, and pretending overnight to offer partnerships for remuneration is not acceptable.

I made myself a promise, and this promise is to be grateful to those who have allowed us to be here today!

We do not forget you. Besides, many who have been following us since the beginning send us private messages simply to hear from us, just like Mathieu below:

This human relationship that we have all woven together is very important to me, it really reflects my state of mind. As proof, moreover, the individual courses we offer are an excellent way to get to know our trainees better , and with some of them, we naturally become friends!

To tell the truth, we have one thing in common, together, which is that we love animals... some of them have lost their dogs and we are here to support them during these difficult life trials and we will continue to do so. To do.

As the notoriety of our videos grew, we clearly saw the negative side in some detractors working in the canine world. They always tried to put us in a box that we always refused.

How can they judge us, my female dogs and me, only through our videos and without really knowing us? At one point, we revealed the practices of some breeders (not all of them fortunately) with catastrophic consequences for the good development of the dog and they didn't like it.

I am thinking of those who separate puppies from their mothers much too early, but also those who lie about birth dates to sell their puppies faster. There are also those who use gendarmerie or police photos to claim the exclusive right to work with the police...

A masquerade only there to influence buyers...

It was enough that we evoke this "dark" part of the canine world to attract the wrath of people already very well established in their horror industry. By lifting the veil on the subject, it is as if we had kicked in the anthill.

Of course, when discussing this subject, we are not going with the back of the spoon ! By denouncing what was going on, we saw this "nice" world twist suddenly.

At that time, we quickly understood that many people in this environment are not there for the animal but only to serve their own interests.

And evil people in this universe, there is a whole army of them.

Obviously it's not just the case of certain breeders, there is also what we saw in 2011 at the start of the YouTube era where certain people who call themselves "educators" still show videos of "traditional" education with coercion (hurting the dog) before turning their coats a few years later on the pretext that they would have changed and would now go through "positive education".

You don't have to be sensitive to allow your dog to suffer , even if you change your way of doing things along the way, the damage is done, period.

These people are lying to themselves and to save themselves from a delicate situation and forget their past, they organize themselves and try to come together to impose themselves in force, using the media and others and passing themselves off as angels...

It's total hypocrisy, a lack of respect for the animal!

Some dream of participating in TV shows, not us

The idea of ​​being in the media is to want to be known, in a way, and to improve your notoriety without the slightest effort. Especially since in general nothing exceptional comes out of it, except for the blabla... and that's absolutely not my goal in life. You know my values, which remain simple:

Charbonner and succeed in building things naturally.

In my nature, my education, my culture, it is not conceivable to create a character through the media to then be exploited for the benefit of producers.

If their language is shaped, how can we not think that they also have an impact on the sincerity of our words. They risk misinterpreting my vision of what should be undertaken in terms of education!

We do not wish to be in the wrong, we have always sworn to be sincere with the Gunners and it is for all these reasons that we have declined offers from TV channels, newspapers, or other partnerships... We believe that the value is recognized by what we undertake naturally without forcing destiny with the help of the media.

Our greatest reward is to have succeeded with the help of our supporters who know our videos and take a frank and sincere look at what we do... adhering to this different way of perceiving dogs was not not and is still not won (moreover, I will come one day to talk to you about some amazing things like the integration of the specialized bitch into the GUN Method).

The NRJ 12 case and the Wouf program

A person contacted us after watching our videos and Gun's prowess. They insisted 3 times when we were not available. We took the call to find out more and in what capacity. The persons in charge of the emission told us that it was an excellent thing to make known to us. We refused, but they did not stop there and went through the director of the production box.

He offered us a text message that we lend him Gun since we weren't available to do the show. If we had accepted we would have had to be complicit in a lie.

Maybe the participants took advantage of this show to be highlighted, but never revealed behind the scenes. Lies and hypocrisy are priceless for these people.

Since The Gun Method has existed, we have received several proposals from production companies working for TV who wanted us to intervene in various programs.

Several brands of accessories or dog food have also contacted us to offer us partnerships for remuneration.

We have always refused because The Gun Method is and will remain consistent. We don't want our values ​​to be intertwined with companies that don't match our ethics.

Concerning the media, as I told you above, there are always risks that your speech will be completely modified by the journalists, especially in this canine environment or for a question of audience everything can be vulgarized at the risk of skimming over the subject. .

We do not wish to appear in media promoting coercive tools or products that are in any way inconsistent with our values.

Many also ask us to publish the videos of the workshops with Squeezie and Natoo and others... We are aware that these videos can boost the notoriety of the Gun Method, but if we have taken the decision not to publish them, it is especially since we don't like to work under pressure and out of interest. We keep in touch regularly and as you have seen on our social networks, we often see each other again with Lucas (Squeezie) because we like each other a lot, no offense to our detractors.

The Gun Method is above all a family and there is not one trainee more important than another. Of course, receiving "celebrities" and people from all over the world gives us pleasure and motivates us enormously, but we like and want to keep this side on a human scale for as long as possible .

Screenshots of received emails

Whether it's other media like M6, Le Parisien or brands with products that don't correspond to our ethics, like the dog crate (which some big influencers didn't refrain from promoting) or dog food, affiliation... We wanted to prove our point to you. Here is for you, a multitude of screenshots of the various emails we have received from the media and multiple brands since the creation of the Gun Method... and yet this list is not complete.

Despite all these requests, we have not deviated from our values ​​and sincerity with our community. It is she, and she alone, who is at the origin of The Gun Method and builds our notoriety thanks to word of mouth.

But certainly not the media, nor sponsored content on social networks to offer you ineffective, inconsistent, obsolete advice / tutorials that do not take into account the ethology of the dog.

It is inconceivable to pretend and betray our supporters. We had to share it with you through this article because many of you reading these lines are at the origin of this magnificent adventure, which we hope will prosper in order to help as many dog ​​owners as possible. .

My dream is to be able to meet again with our subscribers in order to meet, discuss, exchange and share a beautiful moment... To be continued!

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Quand je vois que des particuliers viennent du monde entier, je suis extasiée. Vos chiennes sont hors du temps tellement elles sont expertes. Merci, Bravo, Félicitations sont de tous petis mots pour dire le talents de vos chiennes et vous Joseph avec vos collègues si empathiques. J’aimerais voir davantage de vos vidéos avec les animaux de la ferme. Je n’arrête pas de suggérer à des personnes que je rencontre dans les parcs avec leur chien à problèmes de se connecter sur la Méthode Gun qui est fabuleuse et pleine de ressources pour leur chien. Soyez curieux, allez voir que je leur dis. Bien à vous Joseph et immenses câlins à vos chiennes!!


Joseph Gun , Dexie , Gunni et Eden je vous Aime
Merci d’Exister vous Etes , pour Moi Essentiel à l’Evolution de l’Humain avec les Canidés
Tout en Etant Présents et Disponibles pour Aider les 2 Races à Vivre Ensemble
Comme l’hôpital est Né pour que l’Homme Survive A Certain Choc de Société ,
Vous Êtes Là , en Alerte pour l’Urgence , la Gravité , le Caractère Exceptionnel du Cas , qui fait de Vous la Référence pour la France ,
D ‘Où les Avis Largement Exagérés de soi disant Personnes qui N’ont sans doute Jamais Fait le Stage mais qui se Permettent de Juger. C’est une Méthode Naturelle et Innovante qui Casse le Business Juteux des Autres Voilà Pourquoi Tant de Haine , à mon avis Bien Sûr
J’Espère que vous pourrez Aider à la formation d’autres concepts comme le votre , Pour l’Expansion de Cette Méthode A Tous En France
Que par votre Expérience et vos Echecs , Votre Equipe Fasse Entrevoir La Réussite , Enfin, d’Une Possible Vie Géniale entre l’Homme et le Chien
Sans Nuire à l’Une ou à l’Autre ….
Vous Etes Arrivés a une Époque cruciale Où pour Notre Evolution Personnelle , Il nous faut Permettre et Aider d’Autre Race de Pouvoir Exister Au Mieux de Son Être , pour Mieux nous Servir nous Aider Aussi ,Il Faut Que l’Humanité
Un Rêve Pour Beaucoup de Monde Sur Cette Planètes Et Toi Le 1er Joseph
Bonne Continuation , Longue Vie A Vous "Gun Dog Tv "


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